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It’s a generous and selfless gift to provide someone you love with the assistance they need to continue living in a safe environment at home.  That being said, we understand there may be times you need to take a break from caregiving, which is why The Springs at South Biscayne offers short-term respite care to those needing temporary assistance caring for a loved one.


Whether you’re traveling, handling business matters, recuperating from your own injury or illness, or simply need a break, The Springs at South Biscayne provides quality respite care services in a safe, secure environment. Our professional respite care allows you to take time off from caregiving duties while we ensure that your loved one is being cared for by a support team you can trust. Our highly skilled care professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer peace of mind and relief for as long as you need it.


Acting as a caregiver to a family member can be richly rewarding; however, it is also highly demanding of your time and energy. A recent study showed that 38 percent of family caregivers find the task to be emotionally stressful. Caregivers often neglect their own self-care and may need to find ways to integrate their personal needs as part of the regular routine to avoid caregiver burnout. Getting regular exercise, eating healthy meals and taking breaks are simple ways you can take care of yourself — this will allow you to provide even better care to your loved one. When you need to take extra time for yourself, The Springs at South Biscayne offers short-term respite care you can trust.

Experts also recommend that caregivers find emotional support — there are online resources as well as local support groups available. In fact, we hold a monthly caregiver support group at The Springs which provides an opportunity to connect with other caregivers who are able to relate to one another’s situations. Click here to learn more about our next caregiver support group.

At The Springs of South Biscayne, we realize it’s difficult to entrust your loved one’s care to someone else. You’ll find that our dedicated, professional staff will care for your loved one as they would their own family member — with dignity, compassion, and respect. Respite care can give you the break you need to regroup and become re-energized. Many caregivers find themselves able to provide even better care for their loved ones after utilizing our trusted respite care services and taking the time to handle whatever is needed in their own lives.

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